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How many phones can I recycle?

As many as you like. The more you have, the more money we'll pay you.

Do you accept broken phones?

Yes, and we promise you'll get a fair price that reflects its value. Please ensure you give an accurate description so we can give you an accurate valuation.

What do you do with the phones?

It will either be recycled (broken down into little bits that are then recycled) or reused (such as sold to insurance companies).

What happens if you receive a stolen phone?

If a device has a lost/stolen/blacklist record in the database at the time of enquiry, the trade-in system will not allow the trade-in to proceed. This protects our customer's and our staff against inadvertently handling stolen property.

Finding your phone

How do I know what phone I've got?

If you're not sure which model you have, you can usually find this information printed on a label underneath the battery. Alternatively, the best way to identify your handset is to enter its IMEI number into our search engine. The IMEI number can be found on the label or by entering *#06# into the phone as if you were dialling a phone number.

What's an IMEI number?

The IMEI number is the International Mobile Equipment Identity and is unique to every mobile phone. It's normally 15 digits long and you can find it on the label under the battery or by entering *#06# into the phone.

Valuing your phone

How do I find out what my phone is worth?

Once you've located your phone model, simply tell us what condition the phone is in using our simple drop down menus and we'll give you with an instant valuation.

Do you accept blocked phones?

We subscribe to the Recyclers Code of Practice because we only want to provide a service to legitimate phone owners. If your phone is identified as lost, stolen or blocked when we run our checks we won't process your order until the block has been removed.

Do you accept faulty phones?

Yes, and we promise to give you a fair price that reflects its value.

How do I know if my phone is faulty?

It's in working order if you can switch it on and off, the screen isn't damaged, and it hasn't been damaged by water. If in doubt please utilise the option to obtain a more specific valuation if your item is damaged. Please note for your assurance all devices are thoroughly checked upon receipt of delivery and you are notified if damage is found.

Do you pay more if I include the charger and accessories?

No, we don't. To keep things simple, all we recycle is your mobile handset.

Sending your phone

How do I send my phone(s)?

We offer two convenient options for you to return your phones. For the fastest possible service you can print off a freepost label and use your own packaging, or if you'd prefer you can order one of our freepost recycle packs.

What do I need to send?

All we need from you is the handset and battery. You're welcome to send accessories if you'd like us to recycle them but these items have no monetary value. Please DO NOT send SIM cards. And make sure you enclose the delivery note with your details. For all other items you may hand the equipment to your new provider. You can also recycle you're electrical equipment by visiting to locate you nearest recycling centre. You can do this because we've made a financial contribution towards developing the UK's network of WEEE collection facilities. This is what's known as being members of the Distributor Take-back Scheme (Virgin Media Ltd 9585).

Do I need to pay for postage?

For convenience we offer a freepost service which means you do not need to pay to send us your phone(s). However, because we cannot accept responsibility for phones which don't arrive, we always recommend that high value items are sent using the registered post or Special Delivery service for your peace of mind. These services provide insurance for your items in transit and the Post Office can provide full details.

How should I package my phone?

Please ensure the battery is inside the handset and the SIM has been removed, and then pack the phone securely into a package or suitable box so that it's protected during transit. Then pop this inside our recycle pack or inside your own packaging.

How can I delete data before I send it to you?

The best method for removing data yourself is by performing a "master reset" of the handset. Instructions for this will be found in your handset manual or on the manufacturer's website.

Where's my recycle pack?

We send out recycle packs within 24 hours of your order, so if you've not received yours within 5 days it may be lost in the post. Click here to confirm your address details and order another pack to be sent.

How will I know if you've received my phone?

Please allow 2-3 days for Royal Mail to deliver your phone to us. We'll send a text to you the day we receive it. In some cases delivery can take longer, so if you don't hear from us within 10 days of sending you should contact Royal Mail on 0845 774 0740.

Receiving your payment

How will I get paid?

You will be paid by Faster Payment (direct transfer to your bank account).

When will I get paid?

We aim to process all handsets within 1 working day of receiving your phone, and once approved we'll start the payment straight away. Faster Payments should arrive in your account within 24 hours.

Will the price you have offered change between placing my order and receiving my payment?

We aim to be as transparent and upfront as possible with pricing. Once you've identified your phone and told us what condition it's in, the price we offer is guaranteed for 7 days. However, handsets received after 7 days will be re-valued (so the price may be lower). Either way, when we receive your handset we'll give it an expert evaluation. If our assessment differs from your own we'll contact you immediately with a new price.

What if I'm not happy with my revised offer?

We'll always give you a written explanation of any revised valuations, but if you don't want to accept our new offer you can ask us to return your mobile phone.


All mobile phones we receive are recycled or reused to help prevent phones ending up in landfill.

What do you do with the phones?

Phones are segregated into phones to be repaired (where possible) by engineers or phones to be recycled (they are unfortunately beyond repair)
Phones that have been repaired and refurbished are offered to people like insurance companies or auction houses that could be based around the globe, such as Hong Kong/China, in the UK, Dubai or in the EU. The phones are shipped to their destination.
Phones that can't be repaired are recycled.